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NorthLite has evolved over the years to become one of the leading installer of solar PV home systems across Ghana with a growing network of renewable energy local entrepreneurs. Our emphasis is focused on market survey capabilities, corporate services and product sale and promotion.

We genuinely understand the current market trend and the true business opportunity for the lighting industry and the renewable energy future, especially for the new market place and for the off-grid markets. NorthLite is considered a market tool in Ghana because of its critical involvement in the promotion and implementation of both public and private energy projects.


NorthLite is Ghanaian renewable energy service provider registered company operating under the laws of Ghana, that has a well-established distributor network and a trained group of installation technicians.

Adabre Frank Akasoba is the CEO of NorthLite and has several years of experience and with relevant expertise in business task assessment, procurement, sale, distribution and customer service management.


At NorthLite we expect to share our knowledge and valuable experience with other commercially viable companies around the world in the area of mutual partnership and exchange of resources for the benefit of both partner companies and countries involved. We believe in partnerships that are long term and sustainable where both parties will work towards achieving set targets.


NorthLite strength is depended upon our competence to market and distribute new energy products on a broader chain of networks across Ghana and West Africa. Our strategic outreach and publicity is a shared dividend to the achievements over the years. We target both the urban commercial markets and the off-grid rural market with a case sensitive approach in distributing products and offering rapt after sale services.


We serve the vast untapped energy market in Ghana with a trusted team of trained young professionals working from the core of the very rural communities and to the forefront of the vibrant commercial marketplace. NorthLite will always welcome onboard partners in the renewable energy industry to take advantage of the wide African market.


NorthLite is a member of the Association of Ghana Solar Industry (AGSI), the lead independent governing body of the renewable energy sector. We are accredited by the Ghana Energy Commission and certified to operate. Our company has over a period of four years conducted several market outreaches to promote and provide services in the renewable industry.

NorthLite distributed over 15000 Solar lanterns in Ghana and deployed over 9000 of solar home systems (SHS) in over 290 off-grid communities with funding and grants from both private and donor agencies.


NorthLite has strong competitive advantage in the area of market outreach and potential business in the solar PV market due to our ability to provide products and services in Ghana considering our many years of community off- grid energy service delivery.

We have trained over 170 renewable energy entrepreneurs to operate as independent local businesses across Ghana and also serve as our network. NorthLite is the key service provider for several public and private energy development programs in Ghana.


NorthLite Solar Limited began operations on the 7th January 2007 and was registered on the 14th October 2009 with the Registrar Generals Department. It is a wholly owned Ghanaian Renewable Energy Service Company operating in the three Northern Regions of Ghana with head office in Bolgatanga in the Upper East region.


NorthLite’s mission is to bring affordable electrical energy products to un-served and underserved rural communities, to enhance living standards, improve health, rural education, enhance the environment, provide RE related employment in target communities. The core business of NorthLite Solar Limited is the importation, distribution, sales, installation and maintenance of solar systems in communities in the three Northern regions of Ghana

NorthLite provides a modular range of affordable electrical energy solutions using solar to meet the three main electrical energy needs of poor consumers in the company’s target communities – lighting, mobile phones and radios.

NorthLite’s unique products offer are selected following market research and field studies in the company’s target communities to meet the specific needs of our customers. The functionality, performance, durability and affordability of the products are also key considerations in the choice of products.

The provision of affordable and sustainable electricity to the peri-urban and rural communities is recognized as a first step towards reducing poverty levels. Enhancing access to modern energy services in all parts of the country is a major energy policy objective of the Government of Ghana.


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